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Hanyang University

Seoul, South Korea


Located in the "heart and Seoul" of Korea, Hanyang University (or Hanyang for short) is an incredible study abroad option for UC San Diego students! Hanyang offers more than 1,000 courses in English for both STEM, Social Sciences and Humanities majors and minors. In addition to gaining an excellent academic experience, Hanyang provides a variety of cultural opportunities so students can immerse themselves in Korean culture.

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Important Information for 2024-25

  • Global Exchange Program applications open October 1 in TritonsAbroad
  • Check the nomination and application deadlines for 2024-25 to ensure your application is submitted on time. 
  • Please note that Global Exchange Programs have two applications: one for UC San Diego (TritonsAbroad) and the other for the partner university. 

Visit the How to Apply section for more information on the application process and the Pre-Departure Requirements section for important steps and considerations leading up to your time abroad. 


Basic Information

Exchange Details:

  • Academic Level: Undergraduate
  • Academic Years: Junior and Senior
  • Eligible Major(s): Arts & Humanities, Engineering, and Social Sciences degree programs

Academic Calendar:

  • Fall Semester: September to December
  • Spring Semester: March to June

Hanyang organizes incoming student orientations prior to the start of each semester. Upon acceptance into the exchange program, you will receive detailed information with the dates of these orientations. More information can be found on Hanyang's academic calendar.

Course Information

  • Full Time Enrollment: Students can enroll in up to 20 Hanyang credits per semester. One Hanyang credit is equal to 15 contact hours per semester; most courses are 3 credits, or 45 contact hours per semester. 
  • English Language Course Catalog
  • Course Registration: Course registration begins 1 month before the beginning of the semester. Students choose one department of their preference among approximately 60 departments available at the application stage. Although each student will be registered to a specific department, all students will have opportunities to register for desired courses beyond their department. For example, a student registered at a department in the College of Engineering would be able to register for courses in the School of Business, College of Social Sciences, International Studies, etc.
  • Language of Instruction: English and Korean. If you wish to take a course in Korean, you must demonstrate that you have a minimum of Korean TOPIK 3. 
  • Korean Language Courses: Hanyang offers two types of Korean Language courses; Introductory Korean and Intensive Korean. By taking Introductory Korean course, students can learn basic Korean language and get an introduction about Korean culture. The class is conducted twice a week, 2 hours each. Intensive Korean Language course offers six different levels based on student’s language proficiency. The class is conducted five times a week, 4 hours each.
  • Restricted Courses: Courses offered in the College of Medicine, School of Nursing, College of Pharmacy, Graduate School of Business (MBA), Graduate School of Technology & Innovation Management (only possible with department
    level agreement), Graduate School of International Studies (only possible with department level agreement)
    Graduate School of Urban Studies (only possible with department level agreement)

Housing and Dining

Students can apply for Hanyang’s on-campus dormitory and the application will be done separately approximately 2 months before the semester begins. Most rooms in on-campus dormitory are reserved for the scholarship recipients so the available rooms will be very limited. Application works on “first-come, first-served” basis.

Cost of Living

  • Average cost of living (including accommodation, food and incidentals): $1,100-1,400 USD/ month.
  • Any additional university/ fees costs to participate: No.

Financial Aid and Scholarships

For information on financial aid, scholarships and additional funding, speak to a Study Abroad advisor.

Immigration and Visas

All non-Korean citizens must obtain a visa to study in Korea. Prior to arrival, students must apply for a D-2-6 visa that will give students study and residency rights for up to 90 days after arrival to Korea. After arrival, students must apply for an Alien Registration Card.


Health and Wellness

All students must have international travel insurance that will cover medical expenses for their entire duration of stay in Korea.

Student Experience and Opportunities

Buddy/ Mentor Program: Buddies are current Hanyang students who volunteer to support new students for their smooth settlement and adjustment into the life and culture in Korea. Representing Korea as a cultural delegation, buddies will interact with new exchange/visiting students throughout the semester and provide them assistance in various areas. Students can apply for this program when filling out the online application.