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Technical University of Denmark

Lyngby, Denmark

Technical University of Denmark (DTU) is renowned for being one of the best technical universities in Europe. Exchange students have hands-on access to state-of-the-art facilities in a multicultural atmosphere. DTU's educational approach emphasizes combining theory and practice via projects and lab work so students can engage in project-based assignments that apply theoretical knowledge to solve real-life problems. Not only is DTU a mere 9 miles (15 km) from the cosmopolitan capital city, Copenhagen, but the campus has a vibrant student life with many clubs, activities, social events and festive celebrations.

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Important Information for 2024-25

  • Global Exchange Program applications open October 1 in TritonsAbroad
  • Check the nomination and application deadlines for 2024-25 to ensure your application is submitted on time. 
  • Please note that Global Exchange Programs have two applications: one for UC San Diego (TritonsAbroad) and the other for the partner university. 

Visit the How to Apply section for more information on the application process and the Pre-Departure Requirements section for important steps and considerations leading up to your time abroad. 


Basic Information

Exchange Details:

  • Academic Level: Undergraduate
  • Eligible Major(s): Biological Sciences, Engineering and Physical Sciences

Academic Calendar:

  • Autumn Semester: late August to December
  • Spring Semester: late January to late May

DTU organizes introduction weeks for exchange students a week before the beginning of each semester. 

Course Information

  • Full Time Enrollment: Thirty (30) ECTS per semester. The course catalog in English contains more information on ECTS. 
  • Language of Instruction: Danish and English. Approximately 86% of Danes speak English, so it is very easy for non-Danish speakers to live comfortably in Denmark. Please note that in some circumstances the language of instruction will change based on the number of Danish speakers in a course. For instance, if there is a course in which only a few students do not speak Danish, the professor may change the language of instruction to Danish and offer special lectures in English for international and exchange students. 

Housing and Dining

International students receive priority in accommodation requests, but it is important the students apply for housing as soon as they receive acceptance to DTU. 

  • Housing: A third-party non-profit affiliate known as Boligfonden DTU provides apartment options for exchange students. Students can apply to one of several housing options once accepted by DTU. The housing options are predominantly with other international students but there are mixed apartment complexes with Danish and international students. 

  • Application: Visit Boligfonden DTU's website ( for more information on how to apply, housing options and costs. 

Cost of Living

Please note that Denmark is one of the more expensive countries in Europe. Please take this into consideration when considering DTU as an option when studying abroad. DTU has compiled more information and estimated prices to gauge cost of living and miscellaneous expenses.

Financial Aid and Scholarships

For information on financial aid, scholarships and additional funding, speak to a Study Abroad advisor.

Immigration and Visas

U.S. citizens must apply for a student permit prior to entering Denmark. For other citizenships, visit the website of the Danish Embassy in your country of citizenship for visa requirements and processes.

Certificate of Enrolment: DTU will provide you with a letter of enrolment upon acceptance into the exchange program. You will need to provide this in your application along with other required documentation. 


Health and Wellness

  • Danish Health Insurance:

    International students who are staying for longer than three months can access free medical care through the National Danish Health Service. 

  • Are there doctors who speak English? Yes. 

  • Does DTU provided support for students with disabilities? Yes

Student Experience and Opportunities

  • Buddy/ Peer Mentor Program: If you participate in the introduction week, you will be appointed a buddy who will guide you throughout your time as an exchange student. 
  • Recreational Activities: DTU has a large selection of indoor and outdoor sports facilities. DTU also has a variety of clubs and social organizations open to exchange students.