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The Globally Engaged Tritons Co-Curricular Opportunity (GET CCR) enables all UC San Diego students to earn credit on their Co-Curricular Record for being involved in events on campus that promote the global engagement and internationalization of our university. That could be any event in which students highlight their own culture, learn about other cultures or develop their international awareness or global leadership skills.   

Ready to Join?

Participating in the GET CCR requires no formal enrolment or registration. Simply follow the steps below and you can start earning credit towards your Co-Curricular Record for the 2023-24 Academic Year!

Let's GET Started!

  1. Watch the GET CCR Orientation video to the right.
  2. Complete this Pre-Evaluation Form.
  3. Make a copy of the GET CCR Tracker to record the events you attend AND the hours.
  4. Visit and search "GETCCR" for events that qualify!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is my Co-Curricular Record?

The Co-Curricular Record (CCR) highlights student achievements in opportunities beyond the classroom, including a brief description and the skills developed, on an official record. These are activities officially validated by the University, meaning that your experience in this opportunity will be displayed alongside your academic achievements and have more credibility than un-validated extracurricular activities. 

Through involvement in the Globally Engaged Tritons CCR Opportunity, students will develop these competencies:

  1. Understanding Global Context: Demonstrates an understanding of complex global issues and systems, and how issues and actions have local and global implications for the future. 
  2. Teamwork & Cross-Cultural Collaboration: Works with and seeks involvement from people and entities with diverse experiences towards a common goal, demonstrating strong interpersonal skills, respect, and dignity for others.
  3. Self-Reflection: Assesses, articulates and acknowledges personal skills and abilities, and learns from past experiences and feedback to gain new insights and understandings. 

Learn more these competencies in more through the Career Center's UC San Diego Competencies page.

Is the GET CCR just for international students?

No! All UC San Diego students can participate in the GET CCR opportunity. Additionally, both undergraduate and graduate students are eligible to participate.

How can I earn CCR credit?

To receive validation for your participation in the GET CCR Opportunity, you must complete 30 hours of approved activities. You may mix and match these activities however you choose, as long as you accumulate 30 hours in one academic year (Fall to Summer).* Some of these activities can include: 

  • Participating in select intercultural events
  • Volunteering at intercultural events 
  • Requesting funding and running your own event that serves the international students of UC San Diego, or promotes cultural awareness here on campus.

* PLEASE NOTE that any hours accrued during Summer Sessions I or II count towards the previous academic year. For instance, if you attended a GET CCR activity or event in July 2023 it would count towards hours earned during the 2022-2023 academic year and NOT the 2023-2024 academic year. 

How do I know which activities are eligible?

Visit the calendar and type "GETCCR" in the search bar in the upper-left hand corner of the calendar. These events tagged with GETCCR are eligible.

If you know of an event that you think would qualify but isn't listed, complete the GET CCR Petition Request Form for an activity to be considered for GET CCR eligibility.

How do I document my participation?

Each student is responsible for keeping track of their GET involvement. Begin by downloading a copy of the GET CCR Tracker and be sure to read the instructions and FAQ attached to the Tracker. When you reach 30 hours, you will share your Tracker with Event hosts will then confirm your participation at each activity you list.

Can I get credit for something I already attended?

Yes! If it was during the current academic year, you can add the event to your GET CCR Tracker. Provided your attendance can be confirmed by the event host, it will count toward the 30-hour requirement. 

Can I request that an activity count for CCR credit?

Absolutely! Please complete the GET CCR Petition Request Form for an activity to be considered for GET CCR eligibility.


If you have any questions about GET CCR that are not answered in the GET CCR orientation recording or on this page, please email