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How to Apply

  1. Select a program by reviewing the Global Exchange Program information pages for the participating universities. Pay close attention to the eligibility requirements to ensure you are eligible for the desired program!
  2. Create a TritonsAbroad account.
  3. In TritonsAbroad, navigate to the Search Programs tab, find your correct Global Exchange Program.
  4. Complete the application for the appropriate term you intend to study abroadBe sure to submit the application. 
  5. You will receive a confirmation email of the completed TritonsAbroad application from 

A Study Abroad advisor will review your application and determine whether to nominate you to the partner university. If your nomination is successful, you will be provided instructions to complete the partner university institution application process. The deadlines for the partner universities vary depending on the university.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to be nominated to participate?

Yes, interested students must complete an application for their desired program in TritonsAbroad. Applications are reviewed after the posted deadline and students will be notified of their nomination status. 

What factors are considered for nomination?

We consider program fit, meaning your area of study is eligible for participation and your statement of interest. We may also take your GPA as well as your time to graduation into consideration. Graduating seniors will be given priority.  

Are Global Exchange Programs competitive?

Several of our programs can be competitive because we have a limited number of spaces available and a higher level of interest among students. We will, again, consider factors like time to graduation, academic fit, and statement of interest. 

Am I still a UC San Diego student while on Global Exchange?

Yes! You will be enrolled in a 12-unit placeholder at UC San Diego while participating in Global Exchange. Those courses will be replaced by the actual courses you took abroad when your transcript comes in from your host university. 

Can I apply to more than one Global Exchange program?

No, you may only submit one application for Global Exchange for a given term. You can indicate in your statement of interest that you would like to be considered for another program if you are not placed.  

What kind of credit will I receive?

Students earn transfer credit through Global Exchange. Transfer credit can be petitioned to fulfill your major, minor, or GE requirements. However, your letter grades will not be factored into your GPA. 

Can I use financial aid on Global Exchange?

Yes! Students can access state, federal and University of California aid, as well as some military funding.  

How much does it cost to participate in Global Exchange?

Participants will pay UC San Diego tuition and fees for each quarter they are abroad. You will also pay the cost of living (housing, meals, personal expenses) at your host institution 

The program dates I'm interested in end in January for the Fall or start before Spring Break in the Spring, can I still take classes at UC San Diego that quarter?

No, if your program dates start or end in a second quarter at UC San Diego, you cannot enroll in courses at UC San Diego that term. Many of our Global Exchange programs have terms that span two of our quarters. Be sure to check the program dates. 

Can I enroll in remote courses at UC San Diego during my Global Exchange term abroad

No, you cannot be concurrently enrolled. You will be in a 12 unit-placeholder course for Global Exchange students only.