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Global Education, in partnership with Study Abroad UC San Diego and Extension, bring you iCafé - Your Summer Adventure!


iCafé, the International Friday Café’s new virtual café, has teamed up with Study Abroad during Summer Session to explore countries where they host Global Seminars. Travel with us on Fridays from 12 – 1 pm for a relaxed, lunchtime event around culture and Friday fun food. Our partner in Extension will host Travel Trivia!

This is a time for connection, conversation and community with your fellow Tritons. Join us and bring a friend!

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Join Us!

iCafé – Your Summer Adventure is hosted for seven Fridays during Summer Session via Zoom. The entire UC San Diego Triton community is invited to attend this free event. Please register through the link below. Choose one or more countries to visit with us each week. 7 dates = 7 different locations. See you on our travels!

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Share With Us!

Do you have an experience from one of the featured countries or regions? Send it to us! We will be posting photos, stories and recipes on our Facebook page. You can also submit something to share during iCafe by contributing here. We would love to hear from you!

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