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Thank you for another amazing year of iCafé!
We hope to see you in Fall 2022!

Global Education invites you to 
iCafé – Your Passport to Culture!

iCafé is a virtual trip around the world to discover diverse cultures, exciting celebrations, and savory cuisines. We come together to expand our cultural experience, broaden our global perspective, and connect with our UC San Diego Triton community. In our 2021 - 2022 series, we join our fellow Tritons to explore the places you are from or have been to.

UC San Diego students receive Globally Engaged Tritons Co-Curricular Record (GET CCR) hours for attending each iCafé!

Everyone is invited to be a Cultural Ambassador to share their experiences from across the planet!

Our very popular segment, Travel Trivia, will challenge you with fun facts and trivia from around the world with gift cards to the winners! (compliments of UC San Diego’s Division of Recreation) Recreation also hosts our exploration of sports and fitness in the Global Playground segment. iCafé guests are invited to share their favorite recipes, sweet or savory cuisines, and foodie tours from around the world in the Cook Club.

iCafé is free and open to everyone! Check out our Facebook page for more information and recordings of previous iCafés. Connect with your Triton community at iCafé over travel, trivia, culture, and cuisine. Join us for our virtual, global travel adventures and bring a traveling buddy with you.

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Testimonials from iCafé Participants

  • It provides a window to see the world from our desks and learn about the culture diversity around the world. I love it!

  • I love how iCafe brings people together to learn about different places and cultures around the world. I think that iCafe also teaches us all to better appreciate and embrace the many wonderful cultures around the world.


  • This was my first iCafe and it was just wonderful!  Terrific ambassadors, a great cultural learning experience - and a great incentive to visit Malaysia!