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Global Education, in partnership with Extension, Outreach and Recreation at UC San Diego, invites you to
iCafé – Your Passport to Culture!

iCafé, International Friday Café’s virtual café, teams up with campus partners to explore the world as global citizens and frequent "virtual" flyers!

Play Travel Trivia hosted by Extension (winner gets a prize!) and enjoy our Global Playground hosted by Recreation. Receive a free apron by sharing a recipe in the Cook Club! This fun global exploration happens at 12 pm on Fridays (Pacific Time).

Each quarter we visit different global destinations on Fridays! Check us out on Facebook and watch previous iCafé recordings too. Connect with your Triton community over culture, trivia, fitness and cuisine. Join us and bring a friend...It's free and fun of course!


iCafé – Your Passport to Culture! is presented at lunch time on Fridays via Zoom. The UC San Diego Triton community is invited to attend this free event. Please register through the link below. Choose one or more countries or regions to visit with us each week. Students are invited to be a cultural ambassador for the featured country or share a recipe. Email if interested. Join us!


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Student Testimonials

"In its time as a virtual space, iCafe is one of the only Zoom events at UCSD I ACTUALLY want to attend. The iCafes are structured well and it is a seamless transition between segments. Debi does an amazing job hosting and I love the questions she brings up in the chat which allow us "the virtual traveler" to get to know the country a little better. Thank you iCafe for connecting me to people, languages, and culture from around the world."- Stef

"Attended my first iCafe event and even though it was virtual, it was fantastic! I learned so much and I can't wait to experience it in-person someday. The people and the event was welcoming to all and it reminded me just how beautifully diverse our world is. It's amazing how we're able to learn about different countries, cultures and faiths through our UCSD community. Thank you!" - Angela

"I love this iCafe program. The wide variety of information about each country from their culture, food, sports, fun activities, the sites and sounds of the city! The Travel Trivia Game is a great, engaging activity that is FUN and TEACHING. Bravo!" - Student Participant