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Calendar of Events

UC San Diego hosts a wide variety of internationally-focused programs, excursions, performances, and discussions that connect the campus community with the world around us. These events are a way for students, faculty and staff to learn about different cultures, try new cuisines, learn and discuss current geopolitical affairs, and make new friends from all over the globe. 

If you are a student, events labeled with the tag #GetCCR count towards your Co-Curricular Record

Want your event to be featured on the calendar?

Thank you so much for your interest in featuring your event on our Globally Engaged Tritons calendar! Here are some parameters for event submissions:

      • The event must contain a clear global or cultural connection 
      • Only events and information sponsored by UC San Diego and open to UC San Diego members will be considered
      • The event should be for a specific event or program, not for general body meetings (or repeating meetings)
      • Your submission must contain date(s) or deadline(s) and the sponsoring department/ student org contact information 
      • If you see a similar event happening that day or week, we invite you to reach out to the sponsoring department/ student org to potentially collaborate. Additionally, if we receive multiple submissions for the same or similar events, we may group them together in the calendar