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About the Director's Office

The Director's Office of the Division of Global Education provides leadership on campus global education efforts and serves as a resource for academic departments and international institutions.We expand UC San Diego's brand and reputation to a global audience through the following internationalization efforts:

  • Develop strategic educational partnerships to increase student, faculty and staff mobility
  • Create new modalities to support ongoing initiatives and to diversify the international population on campus
  • Coordinate global engagement initiatives for campus, including International Education Week, International Friday Café, Fulbright events and more.

Director's Office Staff

Leadership Team

  • Robert T. "Chip" Schooley

    Robert T. "Chip" Schooley

    Interim Faculty Director, Global Education
  • Dulce Dorado

    Dulce Dorado

    Director, International Students & Programs Office
    Global Education
    (858) 534-5795
  • Courtney Giordano

    Courtney Giordano

    Director, Global Education
    (858) 822-5328
  • Kelly O'Sullivan Sommer

    Kelly O'Sullivan Sommer

    Director, Study Abroad UC San Diego
    Global Education
    (858) 822-6726
  • Roark Miller

    Roark Miller

    Director, International Faculty & Scholars Office
    Global Education
    (858) 534-3731

Operations Staff

  • Debi Gianni

    Debi Gianni

    Executive Assistant to the Interim Faculty Director
    (858) 822-0464
  • Max Reinke

    Max Reinke

    Programs and Communications Coordinator 
    (858) 534-4900

  • Chimchanbo "Chim" Uk

    Chimchanbo "Chim" Uk

    International Affairs Specialist
    Office of International Affairs
    (858) 246-2687

Student Staff

  • Lesley Galeano Cornejo