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During the Winter and Spring Quarters, the Internationalization Lab continues to move forward, collecting data to form the base of their recommendations for comprehensive internationalization strategy. Below is more information on the data collection phase:

1. Formation of Subcommittees

In the planning phase, the Steering Committee identified six pillars of comprehensive internationalization, or areas of focus, during the Internationalization Lab:

  1. Collaborative Research Programs
  2. Administrative Leadership, Structure and Staffing
  3. Curriculum, Co-Curriculum and Learning Outcomes
  4. Faculty Policies and Practices
  5. Student Engagement
  6. Institutional Collaboration and Partnerships

For phase two, subcommittees formed for each pillar and have met to discuss an approach to reviewing and drafting a report on the thematic topic. These subcommittees are collecting data on their topics to assess the current status and to make data-driven recommendations to amplify comprehensive internationalization. These subcommittees have broad representation across campus to not only collect a wide variety of data, but to also ensure an inclusive process. 

Visit our Committees and Subcommittees page to find out who is participating on each subcommittee.

2. ACE Internationalization Lab Midterm Review 

Four representatives from UC San Diego participated in the second meeting of the ACE Internationalization Lab in February 2020 in Washington, DC. The mid-term review offered a chance for the representatives to network with other members of the cohort to discuss their progress in the Lab, share their experiences and best practices, and identify tools available to assist with the lab process. 


For more information on the Data Collection Phase, please email