Friends of the International Center:
2017-2018 Officers and Committees

2017-2018 Officers

Board of Directors

President *

Katya Newmark

VP Membership * Renate Schmid-Schoenbein
Recording Secretary * Lynn Jahn
Corresponding Secretary *

Jean Selzer

Treasurer *

Ruth Newmark

Assistant Treasurer Wen Gu
Financial Advisor * Joan Adamo
Immediate Past President * Joan Adamo

Michelle Brown

UCSD Chancellor Designate (Dean of International Center) Kirk Simmons
Alma Coles

Cindy Tozer

Candace Kohl

*denotes Executive Committee

Standing Committees

Communications Kristine Kneib
Development Katya Newmark
Hospitality Elisabeth Marti
Nominating Committee (3 appointed) Barbara Fitzsimmons, Lynn Jahn, Kristine Knieb
Scholarship Ruth Newmark


English Conversation Gus' Table Nori Faer
English Conversation Friday Chat Cindy Tozer
Everyday English/ESL Pat and Irma Canaan
Family Orientation Nancy Homeyer
FIC Craft Circle Jennie Chin
Cooking Program Cindy Tozer
Resale Shop Marion Spors
Wednesday Coffee (WC) Georgina Sham
Mommy Daddy and Me Mariko Usui

Special Committees

Annual Dinner Katya Newmark (chair), Ruth Newmark (scholarship)
Audit Committee Nancy Homeyer, Michelle Grandin, Cindy Tozer
Computer Lou Adamo
Document Retention
Ethnic Dinners Liz Fong Wills
Friends Dinner Social Katya Newmark
Historian Ruth Newmark
Holiday Party Barbara Fitzsimmons (chair)
Visit an American Home Elisabeth Marti
Newsletter Ruth Newmark
Publicity Katya Newmark
Sports: Football Judith Muñoz
Website Katya Newmark

Liaisons (no vote)

Oceanids Liaison Mary Woo
International Faculty & Scholars Office (IFSO) Roark Miller
International Students & Programs Office (ISPO) Dulce Dorado
Study Abroad Office Kelly O'Sullivan
Campus Support Group Advisor Corrine Cramer (mgr)

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