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Global Education works closely with UC San Diego faculty, partner universities and national agencies to create and sustain collaborations to:

  • support academic mobility, such as student exchange programs, embedded study abroad programs, dual degree programs and research internship programs
  • establish relationships with foreign governmental and non-governmental agencies that support degree-seeking students from around the globe

Statistics and Rankings:




  • 36,400 (total campus enrollment)
    • 8,307 international student enrollment
  • 28,587 (total undergraduate enrollment)
    • 5,368 international undergraduate enrollment
  • 5,331 (total graduate student enrollment)
    • 2,939 international graduate student enrollment






  • 15th best university in the world (Shanghai Jiao Tong 2017)
  • 17th best university in the world (US News and World Report)
  • 5th best public university in the world (Times Higher Education World University Rankings)
  • 1st in the world for “Golden Age” universities founded between      1945 - 1966 (Times Higher Education)
  • 12th best research university (Leiden University 2017)





  • 5th in nation for research funding (National Science Foundation)
  • 6th in the nation for research output (Nature 2016 index)
  • 16 Number of Nobel Laureates who have taught
    • 4 currently teaching
  • 201 Number of memberships held by faculty in one of more of the 3 prestigious U.S. National Academies